The Autotrol® Brand Performa® ProSeries Water Softener 

Homeowners now have the Best Choice, and the Logical Choice in residential water treatment systems, featuring control valves by Pentair. If you're looking for High Performance, High Efficiency and Dependable Operations, we've got the system for you. The New Logix ® series controllers for the Autotrol® brand valves set the standard for achieving Superior Water Treatment for you and your family.



  • Regeneration Type is on Demand
  • Filter Capacity is 3 or 5-cycle
  • Calendar is 99-day Override
  • Manual Regeneration is immediate, delayed and double immediate
  • Unit includes adjustable regeneration time option
  • Cycle times are computer calculated
  • Remote-mount Faceplate up to 50ft. away
  • Adjustable salt amount (3 options) high-capacity, standard capacity, high-efficiency
  • 7-cycle High-efficiency regeneration sequence is standard
  • Adjustable consumer lock-out is standard
  • Super Capacitor Time/Date Back-Up 8-hour
  • Reserve Type is 28-day variable
  • Capacity Remaining Display is standard
  • 99-year EEPROM memory retention is standard
  • Water Usage Display is Standard
  • Displays Current Flow Rate History Value


Service Flow Rate @ 15 psi

25.0 gpm

Backwash @ 25 psi

20.0 gpm

Controller Configeration

700 Series Electronic Controller

Softener Regeneration Configuration

7-Cycle high-efficiency regeneration sequence

Softener Regeneration Sequence

Backwash, draw, slow rinse, fast rinse, backwash #2, fast rinse #2, refill, service (times programmable by installer)

Valve Body

Glass-Filled Noryl-NSF listed material

Rubber Components

Compounded for cold water - NSF listed material

Valve Material Certification

NSF/ANSI 44 rated component for material safety

Water Temperature

35 - 100 degree F

Ambient Temperature

35 - 120 degree F (Recommended use of outdoor cover for direct sunlight applications)

Electrical Specifications

Controller operating Voltage 12V -AC

Control System Power Consumption

3 Watts average

Transformer Output Voltage

12 Volt - AC 400mA

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