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The first and most common type of residential water treatment system is a water softener.  Water softeners are used primarily to remove water hardness which is the white build-up that you see on your dishes and plumbing fixtures.  Water softeners can also remove small amounts of clear iron, known as ferrous iron.

Hard water will in time clog the pipes in your home as well as clog your appliances.

  Fleck 5600SXT On-Demand Water Softener
The Most Popular Water Softener

Eradicators Water Softener & Filter in One System 

Well Water Eradicators
City Water Eradicators
Tannin Eradicators

Fleck 5600 Comes In Timed or On-Demand

Tried & True has been on the market for 40 yrs
Fleck 9100SXT & 9100 Twin-Tank Water Softener / Two Tank = Soft Water 24/7

Fleck 5600SXT On-Demand Water Softener
The Most Popular Water Softener

Autotrol Logix Comes In Timed or On-Demand

The Most Efficient Softner
Commercial Water Softeners Fleck 9500 & Fleck 2850

Cabinet Space Saver Water Softener
Combines the salt tank and softener into one.

Portable Water Softener Great for RVs, Cabins, Boats ect...



Mighty Max Water Softeners


The Second type of system is an iron filter.  An iron filters primary job is to remove red iron (ferric iron), clear iron and most iron filters can remove manganes and hydrogen sulfide as well.  Hydrogen sulfide is present when your water smells like rotten eggs.

Terminator Iron Filter
Removes High Iron/H2s (rotton egg smell) Turbidity & Raises Ph

    Well Water Eradicator
Comes in 2 types
1. Removes Hardness, Iron, H2s (rotton egg smell)

2.Tannin Eradicator: Removes Hardness, Iron, H2s (rotton egg smell) & Tannins.

Additional Items
Sediment Filters

Reverse Osmosis

  Tannin Filters

Water Softener Parts

Test Kits

Ph Filters

Pressure Tanks

UV Disinfection

Chlorine Disinfection

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